Concrete Box Culverts – Design Engineer Video Blog 11


Concrete Box Culverts – Design Engineer Video Blog 11

Concrete Box Culverts This week, Steve takes a look at the different ways to optimise box culvert design such as exposure class, cover to reinforcement and the detail of waterproofing.

Also the use of high grade high strength concrete and its effect on stress limit checks.

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Question 11- What practical measures can be taken to optimise precast concrete box culvert design?

Next week Steve will discuss: What other structural types of precast concrete box culvert do Shay Murtagh Precast manufacture?

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Gillian Murtagh

Gillian Murtagh

Gillian is the Marketing Director for Shay Murtagh Precast. The company's problem solving capacities allow us to give off site solutions to once insitu contracts which in turn speeds up project completion.

Working in conjunction with all divisions of the company she challenges industry norms in marketing.
Gillian Murtagh

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