Wollaston Bridge / Taylor Wimpey & Fitzgerald

wollaston bridge finished

Wollaston Bridge / Taylor Wimpey & Fitzgerald

As part of the Doulton Brook Housing Development in conjunction with Taylor Wimpey and Fitzgerald Civil Engineering Contractors, Shay Murtagh Precast manufactured and delivered 15 no bridge beams to site at Wollaston Bridge Contract.

The structure consisted of 2 no YE 20.0m beams weighing 29 Ton each and 13 no Y 20.0m beams weighing 20 Ton each that will form part of the deck.

Using a 350 ton crane from Dewsbury and Proud, the 15 beams were successfully lifted into place in 6.5 hours.

We thank all the teams in Fitzgeralds and Taylor Wimpey for their collaboration on the Dollaston Bridge contract and communication to make this such a successful installation and overall project.


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Gillian Murtagh

Gillian is the Marketing Director for Shay Murtagh Precast. The company's problem solving capacities allow us to give off site solutions to once insitu contracts which in turn speeds up project completion.

Working in conjunction with all divisions of the company she challenges industry norms in marketing.
Gillian Murtagh

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