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Final Settlement Tank Structure For Earby WwTW

Yorkshire Water is investing seventeen million pounds in improving its waste water treatment systems across the county.  In particular, it is concentrating on the removal of phosphorus from waste water. A chemical that is environmentally damaging, and can have a serious impact upon aquatic life.

Four of its treatment works have been singled out for upgrading; Skipton, Gargrave, Foulridge and Earby. Where the quality of the treated water improves before it returns to waterways including the River Aire and the Earby Beck.  This work forms part of a larger, seventy million pound scheme to upgrade sixteen sewage treatment works. With a view to improving the quality of the water in over a hundred and twenty miles of waterways.  The reduction of phosphorus levels in accordance with the requirements of the Water Framework Directive is an essential factor in the design and implementation of the projects.

Mark Allsop, Communications Advisor at Yorkshire Water, said:

By upgrading our waste water treatment processes we will be able to remove more phosphorus so that it is not released into the natural environment where it can negatively impact on aquatic life.

Yorkshire Water has turned to one of the recognised experts in the field of waste water management, the Eric Wright Group, and the group commissioned Shay Murtagh Precast Concrete to manufacture, deliver and install a pre-stressed and post-tensioned Final Settlement Tank Structure.  This massive final settlement tank has a working capacity of approximately five hundred cubic metres. It stands 3.26 metres high, and measures 15.73 metres in diameter.

The Eric Wright Group commissioned the EPS Group to supply and install the bridge scraper, and the three teams have worked together to complete this important project to the satisfaction of the client, and, no doubt, to the delight of all who take an interest in the clear waters of the lovely Earby Beck.

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