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Precast Structural Walls for Hansfield Houses – Alcrete by Shay Murtagh

Alcrete Building Systems, part of the Shay Murtagh Group are currently contracted to provide a range of system build houses in Hansfield, Blanchardstown.  Alcrete designed the structural components, manufactured, delivered and installed the precast structural wall panels for Newline Homes.

The foundation units incorporated both a strip foundation and rising wall in a composite precast unit. These precast foundation units were designed to incorporate opes for services required within the foundation.   The walls were manufactured to allow for the electrical conduits and backing boxes required by the design and these wall panels were delivered with a fair face finish – a perfectly smooth surface which only required a paint finish, eliminating the requirement to render walls on-site.

The project in ongoing with Phase One complete.  Alcrete service to the market place is to deliver speed, precision and quality in line with the long established Shay Murtagh ethos.

Read more about Alcrete’s innovative system build process here.

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