Archlok Precast Arch Bridge System

Shay Murtagh’s ArchLok system uses precast concrete sections to construct arches, bridges and tunnels with speed and efficiency.

Curved reinforced concrete segments are cast offsite, at Shay Murtagh’s modern factory. Leaned against each other in their final position to form an arch, they rest on cast footings with keyways. A grout keyway is added to the seam, and a cast crown beam adds strength and support. After this quick and simple process the tunnel segment is complete.

Train Tunnel | CWM Road Bridge, South Wales - Shay Murtagh Precast | Shay Murtagh Precast

7 Benefits of Shay Murtagh’s Archlok System

Because the segments are fabricated at Shay Murtagh’s modern production facility, this part of the process is not weather-dependent and on-site time is minimised. Several units can be put in place every day, making this a fast and efficient construction system. Additionally, disruption to the surrounding area can be reduced as far as possible, which can be an important consideration, particularly in built-up areas.

The system does not depend on a large on-site workforce with specialised training. Reduced weather-dependence enables both the speed and cost of the project to be predicted with greater accuracy, so value engineering calculations can be built in to the planning of the project.

Fabrication of the tunnel segments in controlled conditions ensures that the reinforced concrete sections can be of consistent quality and precise specification.

Casting the reinforced concrete ArchLok segments in controlled conditions allows for accurate product testing and predictable durability. The strength and durability of tunnels built using this system has been demonstrated in previous projects.

The finished tunnel has a long life-span and does not require ongoing maintenance.

Fabrication of the tunnel segments off-site reduces the working area needed at the construction site, and also cuts down on waste materials and damage to the construction area. Clean-up time is reduced.

In addition to being applicable for a tunnel of any length, the Archlok system can be used to construct a curved tunnel, by casting segments in a tapered wedge shape. The ArchLok system can be combined with other Shay Murtagh precast concrete products to handle complex settings such as cuttings and embankments.

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