HexLok – for the Reinforcement of Earth Retaining Structures and Bridge Abutments

Shay Murtagh’s HexLok system uses interlocking hexagonal concrete facing units with soil tensile reinforcement and back-fill to construct bridge abutments and other earth retaining structures.

The distinctive facing of a HexLok structure consists of hexagonal-shaped concrete panels, which lock together like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. The panels are precast using Shay Murtagh’s own moulds. Behind this façade lie steel soil reinforcing elements which are back-filled, providing for optimal soil stability. The steel reinforcements are fixed to the facing panels, giving the whole structure considerable strength and resilience.

HexLok – for the Reinforcement of Earth Retaining Structures and Bridge Abutments | Shay Murtagh Precast

8 Benefits of Shay Murtagh’s HexLok System

The use of precast blocks enables a major saving in time, making this system particularly appropriate for infrastructure projects where tight deadlines are demanded. The panels can be cast off-site, making the process less vulnerable to disruption by bad weather, and ensuring that the finished structure is available for immediate use.

Shay Murtagh’s casting expertise enables the hexagonal facing blocks to be made with extreme precision. In addition to facilitating the construction process, these tight tolerances enhance the appearance of the finished structure.

Despite the elegant appearance of the finished façade, HexLok is a simple system which does not require a large specialised work force to be recruited and trained. 

The HexLok system offers good value for money, and its simplicity and effectiveness limits the possibility of cost over-runs. The use of HexLok allows for effective value engineering at the planning stage.

Where necessary, earth-retaining walls using the HexLok system can be built in tiers, which enables extra height to be achieved without loss of stability.

The combination of soil tensile reinforcement and back-filling produces high soil stability and a durable result. This system is highly appropriate for applications where heavy use is anticipated.

Once completed, structures built using the HexLok system require no maintenance, which contributes greatly to their cost-effectiveness. 

The HexLok system has been used for a wide variety of earth-retaining applications, including infrastructure projects such as bridge abutments, and a large peat storage facility in Shetland. It is of value in settings where the finished appearance of the structure is important.

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