Shay Murtagh Precast has sealed its commitment to the environment.

We aim to provide environmentally friendly concrete solutions throughout Ireland and the UK. In 2000 we became the first concrete manufacturer in Ireland to achieve ISO 14001 Certification “ Environmental Management System.

This system enforces strong policy on recycling of materials such as water, oil, batteries, paper. As part of our now Integrated Management System, we have in place an annual management programme which sets out targets to be achieved each year. However dust and noise levels, electricity and water usage, diesel consumption are examined on an ongoing basis as we aim to achieve environmentally friendly concrete solutions

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With a material base on site there is a consistent plan of reinstatement as an area becomes exhausted. As a result of this there is now a nine hole golf course in play available to the local community during business hours. Also in one of the disused lakes we have also stocked with rainbow trout and carp. This is fished in certain months on a catch and release basis.


Investment into technology has resulted in reduced carbon emissions within the production facility. Construction of a monorail system around the factory for the distribution of concrete to moulds means there is little to no requirement of trucks being used within the confines of the factory. There are now three batching/mixing plants in operation all using exacting measurements therefore creating little wastage.


We have consulted and involved our staff and local community with this ongoing process. Supplying recycling bins in our car park allows staff members to recycle from home. Our local national school Raharney N S received its green flag in 2007, we supported their achievement and continue to do so.


Mission - Vision - Values

“Proven commitment to consistent on time delivery of infrastructure”

Across all our companies there is a common set of values which unite all of our team members to enable us to achieve our common goals.

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