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Concrete Storage Tanks for Irish Distillers Ltd.

Shay Murtagh in conjunction with Writech Industrial Services were awarded the contract by Irish Distillers Ltd world renowned producers of Jameson whiskey brand, to construct three very large firewater storage reservoirs at their manufacturing facility in Cork in south of Ireland.

The concrete storage tank construction project, recently completed and consisted of two reservoirs of 1,200 cubic meter capacity. Each holding(264,000 gallons each). The first new warehouse site in Ballinamona, County Cork. The second one 1,900 cubic metre capacity (418,000 gallons) at the Irish Distillers main manufacturing plant at Middleton County Cork.

Shay Murtagh have a long tradition of working for the Irish Distillers brand having completed many concrete storage tank structures. The structures, completed over the past fifteen years on their effluent treatment plant on the Middleton site.

These large concrete reservoir structures completed for Irish Distillers employ all the benefits of a complete off site manufactured solution. This guarantees the quality of product and on site programme efficiencies with added health and safety control benefits. The tank structures comprise of precast, pre-stressed wall and roof elements, precast concrete columns, roof support beam and parapet units.

The concrete storage tank structures, designed in compliance with latest design standards of EN 1990 ‘Basis of Structural Design’. EN 1192-1-1 ‘Design of Concrete Structures and General and EN 1192-3 ‘Design of Liquid Retaining Structures’. With a minimum indicative design life in accordance with these codes of 50 years.

Such inherent design characteristics combined with the added benefits of off-site manufacture, make this tank system the product of choice for water and effluent storage for clients and especially where the client considers whole of life costs against other alternative form of construction of liquid storage.

Find out more about Shay Murtagh Precast Concrete Storage Tanks here or contact the team at technical@shaymurtagh.co.uk for additional information.

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