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London Super Sewer Project – Work In Progress

Proud to see some of the work in progress by our team at Evans Concrete Products Ltd featured with Tideway London recently as part of their London Super Sewer project.

London's super sewer project, officially known as the Thames Tideway Tunnel, is a major infrastructure initiative aimed at addressing the issue of sewage overflow into the River Thames during heavy rainfall. The project was conceived to replace the aging Victorian sewer system, which struggled to cope with the demands of London's growing population and frequent storms.

The primary purpose of the London super sewer project is to prevent untreated sewage from overflowing into the River Thames during heavy rainfalls. Currently, London's sewer system combines sewage and rainwater in the same network, leading to overflows that discharge into the river, causing pollution and posing a risk to public health.

The Thames Tideway Tunnel is an extensive tunnelling project that involves the construction of a new 25-kilometer (15.5-mile) underground tunnel. The tunnel will run beneath the River Thames, parallel to its route, and will connect to the existing sewer network at strategic locations. The project also involves the construction of several new shafts and connection tunnels of which our team at Evans are involved.

The London super sewer tunnel is designed to provide additional capacity for sewage storage during heavy rainfall. It will intercept the combined sewer overflows and transport the excess sewage to a treatment facility downstream, preventing it from entering the river. The tunnel has a diameter of around 7.2 meters (24 feet) and is constructed at a depth of up to 65 meters (213 feet) below ground level.

By reducing the volume of untreated sewage discharged into the Thames, the London super sewer project aims to significantly improve water quality and protect the river's ecosystem. The cleaner river will benefit wildlife, recreational activities, and the overall environmental health of the region.

The Thames Tideway Tunnel project is one of the largest infrastructure projects in the UK's history. Construction began in 2016, and the project is expected to be completed by 2025.

The project has had a positive economic impact by creating numerous jobs and driving investment in the construction and engineering sectors. It has also contributed to the development of local communities along the river's route.

Once completed, the Thames Tideway Tunnel, or London's super sewer, will significantly improve the water quality of the River Thames and contribute to a more sustainable and resilient sewage system for the city.

We can’t wait to see the finished London super sewer, super project.



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