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Shay Murtagh Bridge Beams for Lee Drove – W10 Civil Works Project

This structure contracted Shay Murtagh Precast by Carillion PLC, consisted of the renewal of an existing masonry arch bridge as part of the infrastructure upgrade on Southampton to Basingstoke line by Network Rail. We provided Shay Murtagh bridge beams, among other components for the project.

The bridge had a clear span of 9.2m and had a clear width of 6.09m.

The following bridge beam components were manufactured and delivered to schedule

  • 2 edge conarchs, 20.7t
  • 3 internal conarchs, 13t
  • 4 cill beams, 14t
  • 2 brick clad parapet edge bridge beams, 32t
  • 12 brick clad approach wall units, 7t
  • Small approach retaining wall units (50 linear meters) in 1m lengths varying in weight from 0.4t to 1.2t.

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