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Specialist Ladder Beams Delivered to Chorley Tunnel

About Ladder Beams Delivery

Shay Murtagh provided precast concrete ladder beams for the track slab

The North West Electrification Programme is tasked with installing overhead line equipment. The routes connecting Liverpool, Manchester, Preston and Blackpool finished for end of 2016.

The Chorley tunnel is one of the oldest rail tunnels in the UK and upgrading this tunnel is included in the  4th phase of this programme.

Upgrade  Requirements

The upgrade works required the track to be lowered by about half a metre.

J Murphy & Son, the main contractor, proposed a precast concrete ladder system for the track slab rather than an in-situ pour, mostly due to time constraints.

Shay Murtagh Precast manufactured and supplied the slab track or specialist ladder beams each 4.525m long 2.257m wide, 34 no. upline and 34 no. downline with an overall length of 307.7m and delivered to a tight schedule.

Congratulations to all the Murphy Team – Full details as published on Rail Engineer October 2014 - Chorley Tunnel

Find out more about Shay Murtagh Precast by contacting the team at technical@shaymurtagh.co.uk for additional information.


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