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Windmill Hill Reservoir Project

For this case study, we’re focusing on the Windmill Hill Reservoir project, a critical infrastructure upgrade that aimed to improve water supply reliability. Read on to find out how our concrete box culvert technology played a key role in this project’s success

The Challenge
The communities of Ratoath, Kilbride, and Ashbourne were facing a pressing issue: their water infrastructure was outdated and unreliable. Frequent bursts in the old water mains led to regular water supply disruptions, affecting the quality of life for local residents. The project’s mission was clear—replace over 7 km of these problematic watermains and construct a new treated water storage reservoir at Windmill Hill.

Our Solution
Utilising our specialised knowledge in precast concrete products, including concrete box culvert technology, Shay Murtagh Precast played a pivotal role in the project. Our easily-installed concrete box culvert was an integral part of the new water main system, providing a robust and reliable solution to the existing problems. Our team worked closely with the project leaders to ensure that the new infrastructure, featuring concrete box culvert components, would meet the high standards required for long-term sustainability.

The outcome was a resounding success. The new watermains and reservoir have significantly improved the reliability and quality of the water supply in Ratoath, Kilbride, and Ashbourne. Residents now enjoy a more stable water supply, and the risk of disruptions has been greatly reduced.

The Windmill Hill Reservoir project serves as another example of our commitment to delivering high-quality precast concrete solutions for complex infrastructure challenges. Our involvement was key to the project’s success and has had a lasting impact on the quality of life for the communities involved.

If you’re facing similar infrastructure challenges and are in need of reliable, high-quality precast concrete solutions, we’re here to help. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for your next project. Contact Shay Murtagh today to discuss how we can make your project a success.

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